Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Two years almost gone.

It is amazing that two years have almost gone and we will be coming home soon. We've experienced so many wonderful things, getting to know young people from all over the pacific and growing to love them. We have been able to celebrate on the Holidays with the students here and it helps to not get so home sick. We have loved interacting with people from all over the world and it's been fun when someone comes that we know, and get to visit with them. The best time is when our own children and grandchildren have been able to come to visit and also our friends. We have been able to share what we know with the guest and help them feel the special spirit that is here in this wonderful place. We have loves seeing this amazing island and all the beauties our Heavenly Father has placed here in this garden of Eden for everyone to enjoy and to experience. We have seen turtles, fabulous waves, glorious sunrise and sunset, whales, See Life park and their programs, Seals, Whales, Penguins and all the wonderful fish. We haven't been in the water to enjoy all the fun it offers, ma by once or twice but it wasn't long. We are just so excited to be coming home to see our family and get caught up on our grand children and how they have grown. Love You and See you soon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hi, The weather has been good off and on. Dad is giving the presentation in the Migration Hale and we are both teaching Ukulele Lessons. Dad is in charge of the Program for our Sinior Missionary FHE and he has some really interesting people set up to talk to our group, some of the teachers at the university are our co-workers at the Hawaiian village and teach Hawaiian culture and music etc. we also have set up; the Captain of the Iosepa, that has been out at sea for the last month. It will be interesting to hear about their experiences. We have been involved with fun and new experiences that are greatly inriching our lives. We Love our family and have, very much, enjoyed having several of our children and grandchildren come and enjoy Hawaii with us for a while. It has also been a treat to see friends from the Mainland. We have a new assignment at the PCC we are now in the Hawaiian settlement and enjoying it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Loving Hawaii especially Laie

Being in Hawaii is awesome to say the least. It doesn't get really cold, even though we have climatized and we do wear a light jacket occasionally. We have experienced just about all the weather changes there are and we like winter over the hot summer but we like the beauty of the summer with it's wonderful flowers. The amazing waves in the winter and spring are fun to see. We have spent time on P day watching the surfers, and the Turtles. Being at the Polynesian Center is a wonderful experience, one of these days we will take some time as go see what there is to see here, up to now we have just seen the Mission Settlement, where we are each day; the Canoe Pageant, and Samoa and Tonga there is so much we haven't seen, it could take days. John's wrist is doing good and in a month he may have the other one done. I tried to add pictures but didn't have any success. Love You all.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Time at the PCC

Dear Family and Friends,
W find find life is as busy or busier than we have been for a while. We are having a great time visiting with people from all over the world. Dad gave me a really special birthday. We got our laundry done early then went shopping in Miliani on the other side of the mountain, about an hour away, I needed some walking shoes and some other things from Walmart and a few groceries. On the way home we stopped at Turtle beach and enjoyed watching the turtles feeding at the edge of the water and playing in the waves. We came home and got some things done, and I also had a chance to work on my quilt, I'm just about through with my first 22" Hawaiian quilt; I'm making into a pillow. In the evening we dressed up in our aloha wear and went to dinner at the Ambassador. When dad was getting our tickets he had all the associated at the ticket counter sing Happy Birthday to Me, then while we were waiting to be seated for dinner; we were waiting with a group of Japanese people and dad had then sing Happy Birthday to me. I was imbarrased but it was fun. After a wonderful dinner we went to the Nite show, which was wonderful. One of the girls that had worked with us in the Mission Settlement (Gavanga-New Zealand name) seated us in a perfect place, at intermission she brought us refreshments and presented me with a beautiful Plumanary Lei, she didn't know it was my birthday and Dad told her, she was so sweet and really completed the specialness of our days experience. Each day we get to enjoy the beautiful Raindow padgent on the Lagoon just outside the Mission home. We Love being here. Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes, it was great to hear from you all. Love You All Dad and Mom